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An advanced formulation mascara designed with flexible micro-tubing polymers that wrap around individual lashes, creating flawless eyes in an instant with staying power from morning to evening.
  • Water Resistant
  • Smudge Proof
  • Easy to Remove
Key features:
  • Natural daily look

    Even coating and rich glossy pigmentation for every day natural looking lashes.

  • All-day wear

    No smudging, clumping, running or flaking, just long lasting colour and volume. Only one daily application necessary.

  • Effortless removal

    Say goodbye to irritating makeup removers. Only water and gentle pressure required.

  • Kind to your eyes

    Great for sensitive eyes and contact lens or eyeglass wearers. No harsh and harmful makeup removers required. Set mascara won’t flake, smudge or transfer and removal leaves no tint or residue behind which is healthier for your lashes.

For best results:

Apply like a regular mascara to clean dry lashes and wiggle from side to side.

Only one daily application is necessary - less in best!

Sweep the wand upwards from the base of your lashes.

Add coats as desired until you are satisfied with the volume, length and degree of lash separation. Allow a few minutes to set.

Absorb any excess mascara and wipe away dried application errors with a dry cotton-tip.

Curl dried lashes with an eyelash curler to add dramatic effect.


Ensure that there is no excess moisturiser or serum around your eyes or lashes and that your lashes are completely clean and dry before application

Simple removal:

No harsh makeup removers required.

Easily remove with a combination of warm water and gentle pressure.

Moisten lashes with water which neutralises the mascara’s adhesion to your lashes. After approximately 30 seconds apply gentle pressure with your fingertips or washcloth to easily remove the mascara in tidy little tubes.

No smudging or irritation.

Helpful Tips:
  • Secure lid tightly to prevent Drying.
  • Recommended to replace your mascara after 3 months.
  • Do not share your mascara to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Help keep bedding clean and lashes healthy. Wash off your mascara every night prior to sleeping.
  • Remove excess build-up of mascara from the wand.

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